Friday, February 4, 2011

Girl Scout Night with the Corpus Christi Ice Rays Hockey Team

The GSGST Council sponsored a "tailgate" gathering prior to the hockey game. Since this was our first time attending Girl Scout Night with the Ice Rays, we didn't know what to expect. Our troop hadn't coordinated our time, so we learned that for next year, we'll need a volunteer to be "event coordinator" for GS Night with the Ice Rays.

From our troop 9691, we had 6 families sitting in our GS section and a few other 9691 families at the game in other sections.

Jessica and Makayla made posters to show their team spirit!

The fighting was entertaining, but some of the girls were bothered by it.

Yeah, Girl Scouts!!!

Pilar and Angela made some cool posters!... this is one they let us borrow.

Joe (leader, Teri's son), enjoyed seeing some of his Girl Scout Daisy classmates at the game.

Girl Scouts were made to feel special during the game in a variety of ways. The final score of the hockey game~
Ice Rays - 1 / Bulls - 4.

After the game we waited in line to go ice skating with the Ice Rays... and we waited... and waited... and waited! After over an hour of waiting with the line hardly moving, we were told it would be another hour before we could get in for our turn; many of us left at that point (it was already 11:30 PM)! Maybe next time~
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