Wednesday, September 22, 2010


... to all levels earning their first Patch, Try-it, and Badge! London Girl Scouts ROCK! We opened our troop meeting with our snack time~ cupcakes and juice box drinks! Thanks Girl Scout moms, Lauren and Teri, for supplying snack & drinks for this meeting!

After snack and clean-up, we opened our troop meeting with our Junior level leading us in the Flag Ceremony and Girl Scout Promise. They did a fabulous job and we'll plan on alternating this job through the year to all the levels. Since our single troop of multi-levels have grown so much this year, we want what is in the best interest of the girls and are separating them off to work on their different projects and activities according to their levels. There will be a number of times through the year we will have our troop time all together as one (Operation Christmas Child, Christmas Celebration Troop Meeting, Cookie Sales Meeting, World Thinking Day, Camping Fun Lock-in, and all our Court of Awards)

This troop meeting the girls worked on the following:
(under the supervision of GS Leaders, Tammy & Teri and volunteers, Mandy & Noemi)
(under the supervision of GS Leaders, Lisa- Kristi- & Novia and volunteer, Pilar)
(under the supervision of GS Leader, Stephanie and volunteer, Holly)

Once our projects and activities were completed, we all got back together and sang a couple songs then closed our meeting with each level forming a "Friendship Circle".


... our group of 11 Junior Girl Scouts began working on their "PRINTS & GRAPHICS" badge during this troop meeting. Co-leader, Stephanie, with the help of mom volunteer, Holly, led the girls on card making and stamping. They had a variety of items to experiment with including raw potatos amidst the scissors , pens, rubber stamps, a variety of embelishments, etc.

Since it was Co-leader, Teri's Birthday on the day of the troop meeting, some of the girls made Birthday cards for her. Who ever the girls made their card for, all the Junior girls created beautiful graphic master pieces toward earning this badge.


Thank you, leader- STEPHANIE for all the prep work and planning that went into this badge, and to HOLLY for lending a helping hand!

During our next troop meeting, the girls will receive their first Journey Book-"Agent of Change" and we will discuss how we we begin this journey of "power" and what goals we want to accomplish.


... ART TO WEAR Try-it! What a fun day working on three different projects for "ART TO WEAR".

A wonderful group of Brownie Girl Scouts!

*BROWNIE Beaded Bracelets
(say that fast three times!)

*Art Paint Tattoos

*Bottle Cap Necklaces

A cute Girl Scout graphic (or click HERE) decoupaged inside the cap
a jump ring and chain completes this "Art to Wear"!

Thank you Lisa, Kristi, Novia and Pilar for all your work with these projects and making this Try-It fun for the girls.


... having fun with a game to learn the Girls Scout Promise. GS Leaders typed up sections of the Promise in large print and randomly gave them to the girls all mixed up. Based on their memory the girls were to put the word segments in the correct order to spell out the Girl Scout Promise. The first time we did this game, the girls laid the words across the floor to make the Promise; the second time, they wanted to stand in a line holding their signs. (great photo op!)

We played the game a couple times and the girls worked very well as a team. As leaders we are so proud of these girls for all working hard at home to learn the GS Promise.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


After we had snack and opening ceremony (Flag and Girl Scout Promise), the Daisy level broke off on their own to learn the Girl Scout Promise. For our two returning Daisy girls, they had a chance to brush up on the Girl Scout Promise and were given their Journey books to begin on their own if they choose. (more info below)

For our first time daisy girls (5 girls), memorizing the Promise will be their first patch earned- the center blue patch of the Daisy Emblem. To help the girls, we recited the Promise several times, we played a game with the Girl Scout Promise, and each girl scout made a pinwheel with the Promise on it.

For the first time Daisies, once the center patch is earned, projects and activities will be accomplished to earn each pedal themed around the Girl Scout Law.

Daisy Learning Petals --- girls are awarded petals when they demonstrate understanding through their words and deeds and the true meaning in the following areas of the Girl Scout Law.
Blue Center: Learn the Girl Scout Promise
Light Blue: Honest & Fair
Yellow: Friendly & Helpful
Spring Green: Considerate & Caring
Red: Courageous & Strong
Orange: Responsible for what I say and do
Purple: Respect Myself & Others
Magenta: Respect Authority
Green: Use Resources Wisely
Rose: Make the world a better place
Violet: Be a sister to every Girl Scout

Our two returning Daisy girls have earned every piece of their Daisy Emblem and will be challenged and encouraged to complete two Journey Awards this year along side the rest of their Daisy level earning their pedals. The first Journey Award, the DAISY FLOWER GARDEN JOURNEY AWARD, will be worked on September-January. The second Journey Award will the BETWEEN EARTH AND SKY DAISY AWARD which will be worked on January-May. Our second level Daisy's are natural leaders to our first level Daisy girls and will have opportunities to work on their Journey awards during troop meeting time as well as occasions to share their journey challenges with the rest of their Daisy peers.

This year will prove to be another special year!

Friday, September 3, 2010


Girl Scout Ceremony Celebration.

Thank you Leader, Lisa for taking all the photos that were used in this slideshow presentation!

Our troop meeting this week entailed a combination of ceremonies to honor our girls from last year and our new girls from this year. It is a Girl Scout tradition to hold ceremonies for special events~ Flag Ceremony, Bridging, Investiture, and Rededication. This troop meeting was the first time our troop had any of these ceremonies and the girls did great!

Bridging Ceremony

The bridging ceremony marks a milestone in the lives of a Girl Scout. It is symbolic of the change of rank from one level to another. Each girl crosses over the Bridge, traveling from one stage of Girl Scouting to another. Each girl who bridges will receive their bridging patch… Brownie Girl Scouts also receive gold wings when they bridge. These wings represent the growth girls have made during the previous years spent as Brownies. Just like young birds, they receive their wings and can now fly.

From Daisy Girl Scouts dressed in blue
When everything is fresh and new.
We learn our Promise and our Law
And we grow strong as we grow tall.
As Brownie Girl Scouts eager to learn,
We try new things and Try-its earn.
We make the world a better place
With a big Brownie smile on our face.
Into Junior Girl Scouts we venture on,
Exploring our backyard and beyond.
In a circle of friendship, hand in hand
Helping people all that we can.
Little girls into women grow,
Sharing with others all that they know.
Adult Girl Scouts are there to lead
and lend a hand where there's a need.
From level to level, step by step
Being a Girl Scout has been life's prep.
We meet the challenge each level brings
Then we're on to bigger things.
Original poem revised, Author unknown.

Thank you leaders and those who "pitched in" to purchase this wonderful celebration cake for the girls! Not only does it look great, it tasted great, too! (Cake from Janet's Cakery)

Investiture and Rededication

We started our Investiture and Re dedication Ceremony with the Girl Scout traditional candle lighting.
  • May the light of the first candle shine as a symbol that Girls Scouts are true to God and their country.
  • May the light of the second candle shine as a symbol that a Girl Scout’s greatest desire is
    to serve those around them.
  • May the light of the third candle shine as a symbol that Girl Scouts are true to their ideals
    as interpreted in the Girl Scout Law.

    This year we currently have 13 new Girl Scouts receiving Investiture recognition (5 Daisy, 6 Brownie, and 2 Junior); and 20 returning Girl Scouts (2 Daisy, 11 Brownie, and 7 Junior). We are so excited to have these girls in our troop and are ready for an awesome Girl Scouting year!

Each of the girls wear a Girl Scout Vest for their uniform and on their vest is a Trefoil Pin. May the three leaves of the trefoil, representing the three parts of the Promise (to honor God and our country, to help people at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout Law), give them the feeling that they are part of a sisterhood that will bring them joy. Also, may this ceremony be a special reminder and lasting memory of the bond that we share in the sisterhood of Girl Scouts.

We finished our time together singing the traditional Girl Scout song "Make New Friends", followed by the Girl Scout Promise, and fellowship of eating cake and snacks.

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