Tuesday, September 21, 2010


After we had snack and opening ceremony (Flag and Girl Scout Promise), the Daisy level broke off on their own to learn the Girl Scout Promise. For our two returning Daisy girls, they had a chance to brush up on the Girl Scout Promise and were given their Journey books to begin on their own if they choose. (more info below)

For our first time daisy girls (5 girls), memorizing the Promise will be their first patch earned- the center blue patch of the Daisy Emblem. To help the girls, we recited the Promise several times, we played a game with the Girl Scout Promise, and each girl scout made a pinwheel with the Promise on it.

For the first time Daisies, once the center patch is earned, projects and activities will be accomplished to earn each pedal themed around the Girl Scout Law.

Daisy Learning Petals --- girls are awarded petals when they demonstrate understanding through their words and deeds and the true meaning in the following areas of the Girl Scout Law.
Blue Center: Learn the Girl Scout Promise
Light Blue: Honest & Fair
Yellow: Friendly & Helpful
Spring Green: Considerate & Caring
Red: Courageous & Strong
Orange: Responsible for what I say and do
Purple: Respect Myself & Others
Magenta: Respect Authority
Green: Use Resources Wisely
Rose: Make the world a better place
Violet: Be a sister to every Girl Scout

Our two returning Daisy girls have earned every piece of their Daisy Emblem and will be challenged and encouraged to complete two Journey Awards this year along side the rest of their Daisy level earning their pedals. The first Journey Award, the DAISY FLOWER GARDEN JOURNEY AWARD, will be worked on September-January. The second Journey Award will the BETWEEN EARTH AND SKY DAISY AWARD which will be worked on January-May. Our second level Daisy's are natural leaders to our first level Daisy girls and will have opportunities to work on their Journey awards during troop meeting time as well as occasions to share their journey challenges with the rest of their Daisy peers.

This year will prove to be another special year!

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