Friday, January 21, 2011

"it's COOKIE TIME" part 2~ Taste Testing, Song Singing, and Poster Making!

Our Girl Scout troop meeting this week continued on the theme of Girl Scout Cookie Selling! To start off, we had snack, provided by Kara's mom, Roni, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

After snack we opened with our Girl Scout Promise and a quick memory refresher of the eight types of Girl Scout Cookies we are selling this year: Thin Mints, Carmel deLites, Peanut Butter Patties, Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Shortbreads, Lemonades, Thanks a lots, and Shout Outs. After a quick pop quiz to see if the girls remembered the names of the cookies, they got to taste samples of each type~ mmm-mmm good!

Girl Scout Cookies~ Yum, Yum, Yum!
Our favorite cookie song!
(sung to the tune of "are you sleeping")

Girl Scouts making posters to help promote their cookies during direct and booth sales!

We have some very creative Girl Scouts!

Our initial order of cookies was 175 cases (2100 boxes of cookies) which we received less than a week ago. Since then, we have run out of troop inventory and had to put in two additional orders totaling an additional 175 MORE cases! They seem to be blowing out the door!
GREAT JOB, GIRLS (and parents!)

...we have made multiple trips to get more cookies!
We are blessed to have the support of school administration to use Coach Campbell's PE office in the school gym, having access to the space on an as needed basis during our cookie season!
Thanks Mr. Campbell, you ROCK!

"Organized chaos"???
...getting cookie's checked out to the girls.

Brownie Girl Scout Kara's dad, calling mom, Roni, to double check "how many more Carmel deLites do I need to get?"

By the looks of things, the girls have easily doubled the original goal set in early December of 2100 boxes. As of this post we will sell the 4,200 boxes we currently have/had in our possession(and maybe even a bit more than that as the girls continue as selling machines!)

Stay tuned... pictures of our booth sales will be posted soon.

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